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Default Re: Integrated Geforce 8200 woes: high X CPU on video playback

Originally Posted by jdeslip View Post
Hi Guys,

Not to hijack this thread. Put I also have an on board 8200 and am using it for mythtv. I was hoping you could tell me if you have the following problems:

I can not use the nvidia driver at all without adding vmalloc=256MB to my grub kernel line. If it is absent the nvidia driver fails to load.

For any driver > 173 (even 180.29), the hdmi out seems screwed up. It doesn't quite fit on my tv screen and the colors are wonky. The VGA out to the tv (which has VGA in) seems fine though.

I cannot use the program guide during live tv as it crashes.

VDPAU works well for the 180.29 driver when it starts, but on a lot of recorded tv, it says unable to initialize video, (the terminal spits out errors saying can't initialize vdpau buffers).

Are these common symptoms of the IGP 8200, or is something screwed on my setup?
With a 32bit kernel this might be necessary do to the shared memory of the IGP 8200.
It shouldn't be necessary on a 64 bit kernel.

I don't have hdmi out but I do use dvi out and it works fine for me.

I got the error ( can't initialize vdpau buffers ) once but haven't seen it since increasing the shared memory in the motherboard bios to 256m.
I know that some people do get the error. How wide spread I'm not sure.
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