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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

I ordered a GTX 285 by eVGA from this afternoon.

I hope it comes with FarCry 2. I've read a few consumer reviews who bought the exact same around from various on-line retailers and buy/trade/sell discussion forums (brand new products) and most of them received the latest Call of Duty game instead, which I would certainly no want, because I already own it! Haha!

And the thing is that I almost got one by XFX instead from, from their Weekly Specials offers, and right when I looked for it again this afternoon (I was really going to get it) I read "SOLD OUT!". I was like "WHAT?! You've got to be s-word me!?", alas, it was true. It was priced at $399.99 dammit, but no worry, in such cases I still have DirectCanada, which I've had superb experience with in the past (got most of my current hardware from them).

I also tried the more recently opened, of course, but unfortunately what would have been my very first taste of NewEgg didn't occur, their GTX 285's were just too pricey, and their shipping and handling costs are just scary, especially considering that DirectCanada offered FREE ground shipping (optionally that is, but that's what I chose of course, I can wait a few extra days, time is money, but I prefer money in my pocket for that part of the deal, I can wait for the delivery).

Sooooo... yeah, that's my story. It's my very first GPU upgrade since 1.5 years or so, since I bought my G80 GTS 640MB, which has become a little problematic (I think) lately. I can't wait for my GTX 285 guys I'm just very excited right now. It will arrive next week for sure, probably the 19th I'd say (regular ground shipping, so I'd guess it'd take around 3 to 4 open business day).

I CANNOT WAIT! I'd scream like a little schoolgirl right now.
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