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Default Re: Problems with 9300M GS on Sony Vaio Z11

Originally Posted by jtechs View Post
How did you go?

I was able to create an edited DSDT file and it seemed to be successful in that it loaded (grep dmesg), but the video was not initialised. It was really interesting to do it though... do you think the BIOS is blocking it from loading or somthing?

The only difference in the DSDT (nvidia) and the DSDT (intel) is a memory assignment.. I changed the DSDT to reflect the SPEED mode, but it failed to initialise..

and I was reading the the OSI detection is used in some cases by the bios to allow/disallow certian features in ACPI.. anyway I changed the OSI to make linux the same as 2006 (vista?) and then 2001 (XP?) it did not seem to make a difference?

I might try editing somthing simple and see if it changes..

Hope you had better luck..
A solution of sorts
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