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Default Re: Which card to buy?

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
You should be fine... I had everything maxed out with 2xAA @ 1920x1200 and it was flawless
Sweet! And I bet ur right $n][pErMan. Because even though I suddenly had to go work the past five straight hours i got a short test run of Stalker:Clear Sky before I left.

I launched it fine. Checked Options and found that all was at High (my 8800 and even 280 struggled with it). A few things in advanced settings were at medium. So I left everything as is except I changed from zero AA to 2X. The new game loaded fine! After the initial cut scene I was able to save and load just fine. I even did a few quick quick save/ quick loads. And even Jumped back to several Saves from back in October. THE GAME IS FINE!!!! And like $n][pErMan said I bet it's no prob on max settings.

Another unplayable game in now playable thanks to the 295!

I gots to check out playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.
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