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Default Re: Dawn of War people live under a rock???

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Never played the first one... Not sure I like the graphics though. It looks nice but I have a hard time playing RTS games where the units are big glowing blobs that you can't pick out easily. I can't explain it really well, but one of the problems I've had with C & C 3 / RA3 is the units can be hard to pick out amongst other units and telling what they are.
DoW II uses squads, single units are only special ones and vehicles. And it is as CoH a low unit tally with a lot of micro. I have not played the beta, but seeing how DoW II skips base building and has low number of units, it might be the most micro RTS of all with each unit control having extreme importance (at least in multiplayer). But as said, I'm guessing a bit as I've not tested myself just from what I read and seen in videos.

The C&C series is totally opposite, where units die quick and base, resources and mass unit production is more important (afaik).
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