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Default Re: Dawn of War people live under a rock???

Some musings I have:

One thing I really like about Company of Heroes and also Dawn of War II from what I seen, is the persistent graphical effects. Of course this is easier with a micro game with low number of units. But I love the battlefield destruction in CoH (with a lot of collateral damage on terrain and buildings and tank wrecks). Other games like SC2 just has nothing of this, just a casual effect then 10s after the battle it looks like nothing happened when wrecks vanish into the ground. Of course it's harder to do with a medium/large scale RTS because the performance cost of it would be huge.

Regarding Dawn of War II, it will require Steam (copy protection) but still use Games for Windows Live. I thought that was kind of funny, but hey it's up to them and not use the Steam online functions I guess.
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