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Default Re: 180.* & red checkerboard

Firstly I would like to this forum correct place to report a bug? I found but it's for developers only..

anyway I can confirm red checker board on 180.22,180.27 and 180.29. It happened in both gnome and kde4.2.
OS:ubuntu 8.10 64
I can add that checker board appears and disappears even if movie is paused. I checked it with multiple movies with vlc,totem,mplayer, and dragon player. Sometimes movie gets black for a moment, so it's not only a checkerboard. Turning off vblank in nvidia settings and kwin/compiz don't help, but turning off compositing usually do(not sure, maybe always)

PS with Ubuntu 8.10 default nvidia driver(I believe it is 177.82 but I may be wrong) I had black checkerboard but occured quite rarely
My checkerboard is 100% opaque (but maybe not always, it not so easy to make a screenshot of it)

It never occurs on flash videos in browser or in avidemux(movie editor)..they are probably not gpu accelerated in any way. It also work in winXP SP3 on virtual machine(VMware player),but it is hard way to watch.

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