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Default Re: GTX285 and IE oddity

DarkOneX, I am Curious about this. Enable power management and open explorer and move a column boundary. Any one will do, does not need to be one in particular. Do you notice it then? Try IE now, any version will do.

I do use C1E and also the higher states up to C7 with the Core i7. I do not recall any of this when just using C1E in high performance mode with the Core 2 Duo. The first time I did notice this was with a default balanced state mode with link management on moderate. When that was disabled the difference was significant. If I was to use IE7 there was still a bit but not much as long as when smooth scrolling was disabled. In Chrome, my preferred browser, it does not do it much at all if any.

I noticed this first with my 8800GTX before I procured the 285, recently. I do not recall it at all when I did not allow much power management (high performance mode) with the Core i7.
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