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Default UT2003 is GOLD

Mark Rein has made the official announcement - as of just before 5 AM ET this morning, Unreal Tournament 2003 has gone gold! It'll be a 3 CD set...
Additionally, the Linux installer will be included on Disc 3, even though there's no mention of Linux on the box (box had to be done before Epic was sure the Linux client/server would be completed).
Actually it will probably take less than 10 days to start appearing in stores in the USA. It could be as early as next Friday.
From Steve Polge-
For the most part, we are very happy with the current weapon balance. We have made the following small changes since the demo:

- flak alt-fire shell has higher initial velocity, so it travels a little further.
- link projectiles are smaller.
- shock projectile travels slightly faster.

I've also fixed and tweaked the bot AI:

- Bots less accurate at high skills, and have slightly slower reaction time
- fixed bot use of minigun
- Bombing Run AI was somewhat broken in the demo. Its substantially improved now.
- bots group together less in Team DM.
- various other tweaks.

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