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I'm currently using 4496. I've started with 4191 and successively upgraded; they all worked. There are some problems with vt switching.
I have "solved" them this way:
- use a framebuffer device (boot parameter e.g. vga=785 for 640x480 at 16 bits; I'm currently using vga=789 which is 800x600 at 24 bits color depth)
- when switching to vt the display flickers; I have to switch off the display once (Fn+F6) and on again, from then on it works.

System: SuSE 8.1 with custom kernel 2.4.20 (you have to compile in the framebuffer device of course)

There's one problem: on the external CRT connector I get only the resolution the framebuffer device is configured to; at least this was the case when I last tried it with 4363
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