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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Finally had some time for testing 180.29..

what kind of CPU % #'s do you guys get with other GPUs?

Playing full-screen, 1920x1080, Firefox, Flash 10.0.15, at, full episodes, I see

Firefox bounce from 80-125% (dual core 2.7 GHz Athlon 5200+)
Xorg pretty steady at 30%

I've set Flash to "Low Quality" via the settings.

Now granted, even this was impossible before 180.29.. just wondering if 180.29 really get us 8200 folks up to par where we can convincingly point to Adobe (and not nvidia) as the source of the performance issues.

EDIT: also tested with tried at "hi-res" 480p (again, at full-screen).... lots of what I think folks call "tearing" (a term I never had to use before ) Firefox is ~140%, Xorg near 0.
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