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Default Re: What is normal temps for GTX 260?

Originally Posted by mikeb33 View Post
I had stuttering and weirdness in Left 4 Dead so I immediately switch out and find my card at 78C, which seems hot to me. I used EVGA Precision to make the fan run faster(and louder) then played the game again. No problems and I switch out to find the temps around 60C.

So it seems if I let the card adjust it's own fan speeds, it is a little weak. But I don't want to make it always runs fast(and loud). I need a way to tailor the stock controller settings and change the curve of fan speed vs temp. Any ideas?
Here's the Riva Tuner feature that I'm using, it works like a champ:

I idle around 44c and never go about 56c under full load.
I set the fan at 60% idle and the speed will automatically increase as the temp goes up.
My 9800GTX+ didn't have a fan controller, which is needed for this option to work.
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