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Default Re: Support for X.Org Server 1.5

Originally Posted by zander View Post
Please generate and attach nvidia-bug-report.log files if you have problems. Please also note, however, that is provided by current versions of X.Org - if the module can't be loaded, the reason most likely lies with your X server installation.
Are you sure??? I've seen is symlinked to even for nvidia-driver 180.29 (installed manually)

And I've got the error
dlopen: /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules// Undefined symbol "miZeroLineScreenIndex"
for both 177.xx (from ports) and 180.29 (installed manually) with the latest xorg from ports.

PS: ah, just've read later message that it SHOULD be replaced with the one from Xorg distro. Going to give it a try
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