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Originally posted by ChrisRay
I honestly dont see a huge difference here. Not one that would distract me during gameplay anyways. Anyway someone could flash these together? It certainly makes seeing the difference in this easier
well I am sure you notice the difference between the ati and nvidia cards rendering... just look @ the foreground...

further.. from the 4x series to the 5x series dets... notice the more blurry background and parts of the foreground as well...

there is something going on for sure.. its like the 3dmark03 sky issue people had with the det's not rendering properly...

DH has better pictures and both of the testers have stated clearly that the IQ difference is noticeable..

also to note... the IQ of the det 51.75 drivers may not be representative if what is claimed is true about nvidia's drivers detecting screen grabs and kicking up the quality on the shot compared to ingame viewing...
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