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Default Re: Integrated Geforce 8200 woes: high X CPU on video playback

Originally Posted by pataphysician View Post
This article below might help clarify hardware acceleration for Flash and it's problems (can't use Compiz, might actually be slower in many instances). If your performance in unaccelerated Flash(unmark the checkbox in flash settings) is the same as when using VESA driver, that's as good as it's probably capable of getting, without changes from Adobe.
I have Compiz off. Trust me, I've been debugging the Flash/8200 issue for 2 months now... simply back to square 1 since we have a driver that un-crippled our 8200's. 2 months ago, no one would believe me when I suggested the problem was nVidia, they were too used to blaming Adobe.

Now we are in a much more middle ground where we have to find a clue to know in which direction the problem lies, hence trying to gather info on comparable CPU usage for specific video.

What I can definitively say is that under Windows, performance is still MUCH MUCH better. The trick is to figure out why.

any way that Flash could ever make use of VDPAU? (or if Adobe won't do it, could gnash do it?)
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