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for whatever reason, the fx seems to be much slower with anis then the radeon in UT2003
Seems like it. Thanks all for confirming that 11 FPS issue with Icetomb. Even Rustatorium was giving me average frames in 20s, and thats with Quincunx and 4XAF, which is even more pathetic. I want to play my games maxed out in 1024x768 with 4x/8x, especially UT2K3. The 5900U simply won't cut it. It's not an issue with my system, because Code Creatures gives me the proper over 45 FPS average rate which is exactly what 5900U should get. So I'm waiting for the 9800XT. Someone on rage3d posted that their MINIMUM FPS on Icetomb was in the 40s with the 9800Pro and 4x/8x... so 9800XT shall be perfect.
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