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Default Is there a way to disable void HDMI audio from DVI output of 8400GS?

I wanted to use a full HD television (Sony KDL-32E4020) as monitor with audio from the built-in speakers but noticed that analog audio gets muted quickly by the television because I think it finds out there is HDMI audio from the DVI output of an Asus 8400GS silent graphics card. Unfortunately there is no way to force the TV to use analog audio instead.

HDMI audio would be really nice for me but I haven't found any information how to make the hidden HDMI audio capability visible into ALSA. There is no SPDIF input in the card.

The operating system is up o date Ubuntu Intrepid with nvidia-glx-180 driver package. I bought this card because the Xv video capabilities of the AMD G780 mobo isn't really usable. Now both of the options I have are bad: AMD with video and NVidia with sound :^(

It seems that Windows users have the same problem ( ).

Please, a simple xorg.conf option for disablng HDMI audio would be nice. Supporting HDMI audio would be even better.

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