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Default Re: What is normal temps for GTX 260?

Originally Posted by mikeb33 View Post
I downloaded RivaTuner but I can't find any section called "low-level system tweaks".
Open up RivaTuner, on the right side you'll see two "Custom", each with a box next to it.
Click on the first box (the Custom box on top), under Target Adapter.
The first box on the left is the Low Level System Settings.
Then enable low-level fan control (auto), but follow the procedures in the link above.

Here are my auto fan speed control settings:
Duty cycle min: 60
Duty cycle max: 100
T min: 40
T range: 53
T operating: 110
T low limit: 0
T high limit: 110

Plug these numbers into the spreadsheet provided through the above link and you'll see the fan speeds in relation to temperature.
Honestly, I don't know why more people don't use this Riva Tuner option, it really works well.
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