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Originally posted by ChrisRay
I honestly dont see a huge difference here. Not one that would distract me during gameplay anyways. Anyway someone could flash these together? It certainly makes seeing the difference in this easier

*edit* ok I do see a slight difference in ground texture from the ATI card to Nvidia card, But not seeing a huge difference between the 2 det versions on that scene.
I couldn't see much of a difference initially either. But then I put it in a slide show, and saw the differences in lighting, and the small differences in the textures. The lighting is the biggest thing IMO, since that would probably be noticed even more during gameplay than static screenshots. It definitely looks like the GFFX is skimping on some lighting effects. The ppl at 3DGPU have seen it in motion and if they claim that they can see a big difference, that means a lot to me, since 3DGPU was/is a nVidia fansite, while Driverheaven has always had closer connections to ATi. I have no issue with nVidia trying to find the best combo of IQ and performance, but they need to give users the option to disable it if they don't like the IQ loss, and they definitely shouldn't be doing it in a benchmark. This goes against the very rules nVidia outlined as cheating a while ago.
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