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Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Mmmm...bit of a bad design decision there. It's rather craptastic playing offline with the rental car when I know I have 3million in my other profile just sitting there.
One of the many reasons why TDU isn't as popular as it could have been.

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Is anyone able to overide the 4xFSAA limit with CP in this game? Damn ATI drivers seem to be craptastic as usual and don't do squat for this game.
I don't know on ATI drivers, but you can set the AA to 2x and use the enhance feature on Nvidia drivers. FYI, if you're trying to get rid of the jaggies in the center of the road, nothing will fix that. I've tried turning on 16xMSAA and it still didn't see to fix it. There are just a few things like that I couldn't get to go away.
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