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Default Re: 180.29 on XPS-1730 Report

Well... I don't have unlimited resources. It has happened with every version of the driver that has worked with this card (I believe we were at 169 or somesuch?). I don't have the ability to run other versions of FreeBSD easily.

If I run systat with no arguments, the "int16" process (nvidia) takes 90% to 100% of the CPU when X is running. This is true even if X is running with no clients. If I run "systat -vmstat" the number of interrupts per second attributed to nvidia0 is 11644 (+- a bit) and 274 to nvida1 (plus some other drivers).

Obviously, I can't tell you if this is specific to the 8700M SLI or if it also affects the 8800M SLI --- I don't have the other hardware. I also don't know what hardware you're testing.

I will test the SMP kernel tomorrow. It definitely happens with the SMP kernel.
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