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Default Re: Is there a way to disable void HDMI audio from DVI output of 8400GS?

I have the same problem as you using a 9400gt card and also onboard nvidia 7100 graphics.

my only card that works is a evga 8800gs as for some reason it does not have this much for fanless and saving electricity....FYI it is a dual link DVI card....and i am using a DVI to HDMI cable.

also the old drivers from ubuntu 8.04 (NO LTS) work!!! and ubuntu 8.10 dont use the recommended driver...try the older one....

you dont HAVE to use the latest drivers for can use pure CPU horsepower....i feel like i just wasted 50 bucks on a much for low power fanless ehh!

I asked for help in another thread and all i got was being accused for hijacking a thread, not related to myth tv ect.

some of the people here are real jerks
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