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Default Re: Sli card vs single card: change my life

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
I enjoy having more VRAM The GTX285 also has higher GPU and memory clocks. It's honestly a toss up. All depends what you are looking for / willing to spend / what games you play / what settings & resolutions you plan to use. The GTX285 as a single card is by far the most powerfull single card solution on the market, the GTX295 will score higher in FPS (except in a few) and benchmarks but keep in mind its really 2 cards doing the job to get it there. From what I have seen anyway depending on the game the difference can be minimal or decent but both cards blow anything out of the water thats out now and neither card slips into the "unplayable" category of any game out right now
nuttin' but awesome improvements for me- w00t!- going from 280 to 295. but it was only a trade up and not a new purchase. I guess anyone that gets a 285 has 90 days with several companys and 100 days with BFG to trade up to a 295. BFG was going to let me trade up no problem for a 285. My request was timed just right so that all they had was an OCed 285 to go with. But I got the 295 instead.

What if a super duper 295 came out in 90 days? (more vRAM somehow- OCed or sumpin'....)

I guess anyone that just got anything could trade up for it. t00t sweet! Well, wouldn't be 4 me because i already traded up to a 295. oh well- gl to everyone else.
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