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Default Re: 180.29 on XPS-1730 Report

OK. UP kernel: disaster. Still mostly interrupts. Interestingly only about 95% or 96%... which means that I could still switch to the console to get enough CPU to revert the kernel and reboot.

So, using FreeBSD-7.1, both SMP and UP on a Core-2-Extreme X7900 with the 8700M-SLI in the Dell 1730 laptop gives most of one CPU full of interrupts... somewhere over 11000 interrupts per second.

I havn't tried UP kernels before, but I've had this problem from 7.0 forward.

The interrupts start when I start X (works with just starting X from the console command line). It doesn't require any X clients to be running. The interrupts stop when I stop X (CTRL-ALT-Backspace or CTRL-C if I'm on the console).
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