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You want to come to MY NVIDIA GRAPHICS FORUM and tell me to talk about how ATI can improve their equipment? You get REAL

I get sick and tired of the NV bashing myself. I will start banning continued offenders. That's the only warning many of you will get, so you all know what to "expect".

I completely agree with you as far as the Cheesey one liners people are posting and Obvious Flame Bait posts.


In all Honestly Nvidia is Bashing themselves and Quite Frankly they Deserve the Hard response they are gettiing. The Nvidia Bashing would Stop tomorrow if Nvidia would stop this crap they are pulling. Because what they are doing now is tantamount to Fraud. Then Going Further and trying to Discredit companies like Valve and others who try to get the Truth of whats going on out to people.

A Spade is a Spade.
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