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Default Re: What Crack-head thought up Javas version numbers?


Why can't they have one complete developer package. I don't care if its not fully feature rich, or if it's a bit bloated. One download please, not 15 on the same page with slightly different names and terrible descriptions.

Why do I need a JDK, a JRE, EE, FX, and christ knows how many other bits... and then when I've installed it all properly, why won't javac work? It's registered, its installed (6 times now in fact). But you know, still can't find the compiler.

Damn linux types, everything must be more portable than everything else, which means 15,000 versions with indecipherable names is the only way forward. Even the syntax annoys me. littletext.CaptialisedText

No! **** it, Im downloading visual studio.
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