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Default Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Brand new info and video released this morning
video download link - download to disk for higher resolution -197MB
Official thread

there will be more info 20th evening too!

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, breaks from cover today with the reveal of its visual identity and the release of a studio insight video. Showcasing the cutting edge technology that will take gamers closer to war than they’ll ever want to get, the video is now available to view and download from

Set to deliver the most accessible, engaging and visceral sandbox shooter of the year, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is being developed using an evolved variant of the EGO™ Engine, Codemasters Studios’ proprietary technology platform. A cross-format iterative technical project, developed with accreditation from platform holders, the EGO Engine has previously been used to great effect in the creation of award-winning titles Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID. The EGO Engine video released today demonstrates how this technology powers everything from minute detail to grand landscapes; delivering the most immersive real world effects and environments ever seen in a FPS.

“The advantage of investing in our own technology is that we can custom-build major engine components specifically suited to each title; such as dynamically lit particle effects for gunfire and explosions, incredible vehicle detail and extensive worlds that you can literally get lost in” said Brant Nicholas, Senior Producer, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

“Everything that the EGO Engine does adds to the experience and tension of being in a serious conflict situation where one shot can kill. Using the engine’s rendering tech and customised audio systems, we can make players feel the danger and adrenaline rush of modern combat, immersing them in the battle as deeply as possible. The realism of the game and its artistic content goes along way towards that, but having tech driving the detail and effects will give players a real sense of what it’s like to have a 80mm mortar shell land 30ft away – it lifts the playing experience to a whole new level.”

A new high-impact visual identity was also unveiled with the reveal of the game’s logotype and pack design. “As a pillar title for Codemasters in 2009, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising benefits from a very stylish and focussed art direction that is reflected throughout the game, its front end and will be carried through to its on-shelf presence,” said Alex Bertie, VP Brand & Marketing, Codemasters.

“The logo is a reinvention of the original with an updated contemporary design to reflect a news ticker style and ties to the gritty documentary style of the game’s visuals. Dropping the ‘2’ from the logo is a further nod to the original and tightens the game’s title itself. The packaging also echoes the game’s dramatic and powerful imagery, combining mono photography of an ‘unknown soldier’, in authentic USMC uniform, with a treated in-game background. It’s a high-impact direction befitting of the game’s intense combat experience.”

Coming this summer for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will see players engaged in the lethality of a deadly conflict against the full force of the Chinese PLA on the huge open-world island of Skira.

We'd love to know your feedback regarding the releases so please let us know, and make sure you stay tuned to the forums for further updates in the near future!
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