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Default Re: need advice in buying gtx 280 or 285

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf View Post
600W should be fine to run a single 280, just don't plan on going SLI anytime soon. Another thing, does it come with the 8 Pin PCI-E power? If not you can use the converter, but don't plan on that for a long term solution.
i dont wanna sli coz i really dnt go with the idea of sli

this is my psu

now i dnt know wether it has a 8 pin connector plz can u tell me coz iam a real newb at this

another advice i wanted was wld gtx 260 be a better choice coz iam getting it at a very small price iam getting around 30% discount coz 1 of the importers has gone bankrupt and so i can get a discount on thr available stock

none is thr for 280

can u tell me wether a gtx 260 be good as a high end card
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