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Originally posted by kmf
Chrisray, that image is loading very slow. whats going on?
Possibly, because im getting hammered, im only on 26k..

Thanks to nyt for hosting the images

Guys, if you could (or a mod) update to the new images, I would be grateful..

Finally, a last animation.. Just a quick job..


From the dets 45.23 to 51.75 its reported to give a massive boost.. around 19fps..

Now take a look at (wrt to the latest dets)

- The mountains behind.. see they are now blurred.
- The ships wing on the upper right.. Before you can make out the black and yellow strips.. Now its a blur.
- Same as before, look at the wing on the upper left, really nice with before.. Now its blurring.
- The Hull is dark yellow-ish.. Now its horrible tan.
- The top of the ship either side of the after burn. Yellow.. Now Tan.

Thats pretty much what I could come up with in a few minutes..
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