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Default Re: maybe I'm high!

Originally posted by TheTaz

With the Det 50's... there seems to be thicker grass, more detail in the actual ground texture, and you can see the lug nuts on the wheels.

What bugs me is the stuff in the distance.

The 9800 is much sharper for the explosion and fragments... and the ship in the distance is better "lit", clearer... and things in general that are distant are more clear / sharp.

that said... I think they both suck in their own ways... and both rock in their own ways.

I'm still prolly going ATi for my next card tho.

the reason for the visible lug nuts and what not is no shadowing effects on the wheels... which is quite odd considering the light sources... the wheels just are... if you catch my drift... instead of being in shadow

the ground textures are much clearer in the radeon clips due to the lighting and the lighting does give added depth/texture to the ground/background more so on the radeon than the nvidia rendered shot...

like I have suggested... it would appear that there are light sources 'missing' using the dets for some reason... but cannot be conclusive w/o a reference image to compare against...

perhaps someone with a parhelia can take a screenie and see what is rendered ?
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