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Originally posted by demonic
Possibly, because im getting hammered, im only on 26k..

Thanks to nyt for hosting the images

Guys, if you could (or a mod) update to the new images, I would be grateful..

Finally, a last animation.. Just a quick job..


From the dets 45.23 to 51.75 its reported to give a massive boost.. around 19fps..

Now take a look at (wrt to the latest dets)

- The mountains behind.. see they are now blurred.
- The ships wing on the upper right.. Before you can make out the black and yellow strips.. Now its a blur.
- Same as before, look at the wing on the upper left, really nice with before.. Now its blurring.
- The Hull is dark yellow-ish.. Now its horrible tan.
- The top of the ship either side of the after burn. Yellow.. Now Tan.

Thats pretty much what I could come up with in a few minutes..
nice job again... they are a little off kilter

but the differences are rather clear...

I am trying to imagine why one would think no one will notice the extra bluriness/lesser clarity/definition in game...
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