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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

Originally Posted by Zenoth View Post
Damn it takes a long time...

I ordered on the 13th, then it shipped last Monday the 16th, and it didn't come today. It shipped from Vancouver though, and it has to come all the way to the other side of the country (and continent) here in Québec, so I presume that it takes a long time. I chose free ground shipping... that might be the problem, I should have chosen the $10 Air Shipping promotion instead, dammit.

And the worst part is that if I track my item via CanadaPost's web-site it says that the delivery should be on the 23rd, that's ten days of waiting (thanks to the week-ends), that's next Monday... I can hardly believe it. Next time I buy from Direct Canada I'll take the damn air shipping option, serves me right for not taking it.
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