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I looked at it and see the same thing NVidia always does with the color scheme. Its darker. I think it doesn't look as pale colored as the 9800. I don't understand. WEll, I keep looking at the .png as I write this post to figure out something to find wrong. I see that lighting is missing from the NVidia scheme or is it just darker. the grass looks fuller and not blocky as opposed to the ati 9800. The explosion does look blurry though on the nvidia while the 9800 looks sharper. I don't see a huge enough difference to go crapping my pants over. While the scene in motion would show how much lighting is taken away while the light probably phases in and out like it should underwater I just can't truely tell yet. I still don't get it. The only thing that got me to buy my ATI is the quite and small factor. They both have really good speeds, with ATI in the lead of course. Test for yourselves and see what its like. most of our systems are too crappy to be benching anyway. I know I need a new processor/mobo/RAM. Nice screen captures. very informative.
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