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Default Re: Re: Re: maybe I'm high!

Originally posted by TheTaz
Demonic's animation:


The 9800 shot looks like a solid black "hub cap" to me... not a shadow.

But the ship in the distance losing it's "lighting" would coorespond to your theory. In 3DMark2001, the high poly test with one light vs. eight lights has a major frame rate difference. So yeah... I wouldn't be suprised if the Detonator 50's somehow is turning off lights.


yah I am not sure if it is 'turning off lights' or something more technical is going on.. I was just putting that forth coz thats what it looks like..

OTOH... you may recall similar issues with 3dmark03... it just appears as though nvidia's shot has fewer colors/effects/both or there is somethng else going on...

wrt to vicious post.... I am assuming since both shots have the same frame number... that all effects/lighting are technically being rendered the same on both cards (or are supposed to be)

its the same in other recent benches like 3dmark03.. where they can all stop @ the same point and take a capture...
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