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Originally posted by vicious2003
more insanity for Nvidia to box through. You can do all the comparing you want. Nvidia is still very strong. I know they make mistakes and can't always be on top, but when you hear things like quality being degraded to make an fps higher people should just be able to turn down the graphics on their settings, not the drivers. I really don't like seeing this kind of thing. I also don't like LEAKED drivers. Its almost like leaking something from Microsoft. You can't trust a incomplete product because hhere are going to be holes. Wait for the real drivers from Nvidia to come out and we will see. I also want to see all this mumbo jumbo go into one lump forum. NVNEWS please put this all into one forum and don't let that .png to be loaded on the forums. only a link.
nvidia is insisting that reviewers use the det 50.
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