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Angry Lack of luck

I'm getting tired of this. I also had the lovely flickering problem. I have found this forum a few hours ago by searching all over the net and it looked like it was not in vain. I was really excited and immediately downloaded the fixed driver. Cool! The flickering was gone. But i knew it just cannot be that easy. With the 45.23 driver my system was stable like a monolith in all games that i have ever played. I usually play about 6 hours on working days, and 12-14 hours at weekend. I tell you what: after installing the 45.33 driver i have started to play Medieval Total War and my system reset in ten minutes. Tried to play Battlecruiser Millennium Gold. Reset in five minutes. Tried a few other titles (UT2003, Jedi Knight Academy etc.) all of them reset in a few minutes. This is a huge disappointment. I got one problem fixed just to get another. This is simply laughable. This is so pathetic. What is this card good for? What a piece of junk this is? The gold plating is really shiny but it's still not enough to outshine the disappointment it brings. I have spent 400$ for what? My card flickers then resets, my ATI fan friends started to laugh at me when all this HL2 benchmark story started and now I feel a *little bit* humiliated. Oh, I'm sure NVIDIA WILL fix it some day. And then? The reset will be fixed and the games will be displayed upside down or what? I AM an NVIDIA fan but I'm not sure if i remain to be one. This is an outrage.

(Sorry for the bad english.)
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