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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

Well guys I have a question...

How do I make 100% certain that my card runs under Performance 3D frequencies all the time during game-play? Because I suspect that my card doesn't run at default speeds in my games. There are still places where I'm getting 25FPS in Fallout 3 and that's certainly abnormal. I even play it at 1280x960, 4xMSAA and 15xAF (there's no 16xAF in Fallout 3, curiously, I didn't know 15x existed). The thing is that I'm using custom textures mods... but even then, it shouldn't be that slow? I do get into the 50's FPS in certain places but to be honest the performance has been somewhat disappointing so far.

But it doesn't seem to be in all games however. In Crysis for instance, again at 1280x960, no AA and no AF, with custom DX9 High settings (fake Very High DX10 via manual tweaks) I get a maximum of 58FPS and a minimum of around 34FPS I think, and that seems alright for the settings (of course higher resolutions kill the performance in Crysis and pretty much any other recent games as well). But another game in which the performance is abnormally low is Warhammer 40,000: Soulstorm, I'm used to play 4 Vs 4 skirmishes with that one, and when the screen is filled up with units (especially when playing with and/or against Orks and Necrons) then the FPS drops very fast within the 20's, I don't get it. And I play that one at 1440x900, however the performance remains the same at 1280x960. I use 16xAF, but no AA since AA in any of the Warhammer 40,000 games (expect DoW II) have display issues with AA including (mostly) texts (the texts are barely readable with any amounts of types of AA used).

Honestly I'm quite baffled right now. My other synthetic benchmarks seem to indicate that my card perform well within what is due and that there's no apparent problems. But during game-play I'm not sure at which speed it's running.

Any suggestions guy? Thanks.
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