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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

I'd like to see powermizer control as well but, not via some clumsy GUI. Instead I should be able to set it via "nvidia-settings -a". Some people have course grained control like this anyway via "nvidia-settings -q all" and it's incredibly useful for building a customized powermizer profile. For example, I keep the GPU scaling on at all times but, I have a script that detects when I'm on the workspace I keep Firefox on. Chances are good that I'll need full power to scroll smoothly so, as soon as the script detects I'm on the workspace, and, if I'm on AC power or on battery and have set a flag (I call it the Go Fast Flag), it does an "nvidia-settings -q all" to fire the GPU up to max speed and keeps doing that every 25 seconds until I leave that workspace.

Not everyone is going to take the time to implement complex powermizer rules but, for those who do, having more fine grained control over it via the command line would be incredibly useful. You can keep your entire system cooler by enabling powermizer and still get the performance you need when it's needed.
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