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Default Re: need help buying sparkle gtx 260

1 final qs about the psu coz i have ordered the card which u see above so if u can put some light on this issue i wld be highly oblidged

here is the link to my psu now i have ordered the sparkle gtx 260 216 core model as some of u may know coz i made my post earlier

now i wanted to confirm that is my psu good for the card or mayb down the road i will have to upgrade the psu?

some ppl on random forum say thr good then some1 say no thr not that good

can any1 give me a complete outlook or confirm wether it is good or not

any advice will be good

iam not worried coz i think i just want it to manage the card but some ppl have tandancy to scare ppl without any reason
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