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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Why would you want to do something as silly as that?

*disclaimer* the following is me being 100% serious
Ok, so you know NVIDIA is cheating. I know NVIDIA is cheating. Probably 80-95% of the people on these forums know in their hearts that NVIDIA is cheating, although not everyone will admit it's wrong. But, so what if NVIDIA is cheating? Those of us who have kept in the loop have known NVIDIA has been cheating for 6 months. Since last year when the r9700 launched I don't think NVIDIA has lost a single percentage point of discrete desktop market share(last quarter they lost some total market share, which is the first drop since r9700 was launched last Fall). They have the largest DX9 market courtesy of the gfFX5200. Major websites like [H], Toms, and Anand have hardly covered NVIDIA's antics(mostly because they refused to look at synthetic "useless" benchamrks). The masses don't know about NVIDIA's cheating. The masses probably don't even care about it. From a company standpoint, NVIDIA is doing very well considering the products they have out and the things they've done. They just keep dishing the PR out and everyone buys it. NVIDIA from a company standpoint has done enviously well. Are they morally bankrupt? Most likely. But they continue to play the game well and succeed. Even today, you can find certain people out there who believe NVIDIA is the second coming(no need to mention names, just read their forum posts) even when faced with all the facts of the past. How do you think the masses will react to NVIDIA when they don't have the facts? Despite all its underhanded dealings and problematic hardware/software, NVIDIA is the darling of the masses and of the press. NV40 will probably fix all these problems and will be out be out in a few months. And everyone will forget the horrible NV3x(except people who own them). From the hardcore enthusiast point of view, it's all doom and gloom. Economically, it's bright!

I am not being sarcastic in the above in any way. I am being dead serious. I would not worry about my investment if I had money in NVDA.

P.S. this is assuming the downward spiral stops and NV40 is clean.
I have to agree 100%. What nVidia has done may be unethical, but brilliant from a business point of view. Instead of admitting defeat like Matrox did, they managed to make their products seem just as good if not better than the competition. NVidia spent over $400 million developing the GFFX and stood to loose an enormous amount of money if it flopped. To be honest, if I worked for nVidia's marketing team, I would have done the same thing.
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