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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I agree with your assessment, up until this point we've come to with Half-life2 and it's benchmark preliminary results.

If when the benchmark comes out and the game all those people who bought into the nVidia hype are going to discover it's just hype and will quickly learn what the rest of us have known for a while, and they're going to be mad and they're going to turn to nVidia for answers/explanations.

What happens after that is what I like to call, "the interesting bits".

The big sites didn't ignore the benchmark preliminary findings, and it's caused a bit of a stir...but only in the community I'll grant you.

When Half-life2 the game comes out it's going to be a different story entirely, guaranteed. It'll simply be too big to miss, I really think this sequel to Half-life is going to be just as revolutionary and evolutionary in it's own way as the first one was...and the only victim and loser for it's success will be nVidia.
Aha! But according to NVIDIA Det50 will come out before the HL2 benchmark does. So everyone will upgrade to Det50 and the performance will be higher, whether IQ decreases or whatnot. Nobody is as fickle as the 3d crowd. They will all pass off the preliminary HL2 benchies as unoptimized drivers...which will actually be true in a sense

It won't continue forever Stealth, we're right now in the last few weeks/months of the endgame bit and it's going to get a whole lot more interesting as time goes by. You and I both know that nVidia ain't going to be able to find a magic bullet to fix this, I just can't wait to see how nVidia and the big sites who've been backing them deal with/react when the reality of this whole thing hits the general public.

Stick around and try and be patient Stealth, it's not a situation that can stay stagnant much longer.
NVIDIA has gotten so used to getting away with it I just wonder if they will continue with NV40. Imagine, if you will, hardware that is excellent along with cheating drivers. It would be a force to be reckoned with, a force that would utterly smash ATI's offering into the ground.
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