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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Aha! But according to NVIDIA Det50 will come out before the HL2 benchmark does. So everyone will upgrade to Det50 and the performance will be higher, whether IQ decreases or whatnot. Nobody is as fickle as the 3d crowd. They will all pass off the preliminary HL2 benchies as unoptimized drivers...which will actually be true in a sense
I think the visual differences in Half-life2 will be so extreme in that case that even a 13 year old nVidiot fanboy from hell will be able to notice the difference and will be pissed.

The hardware ain't designed for DX9, and it is going to show one way or another because Half-life2 is going to get BIG coverage from every angle, and it will be out in time for x-mas upgrade season.

Can we agree to disagree on this one for now since time will tell us either way? (And not really all that much time, I really think we're talking a month tops. )
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