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Default Re: Nvidia driver doesnt see my Gtx 280

Originally Posted by DeadLine View Post
Hello all, im sitting here with a problem.
For some strange reason my nvidia driver doesnt regonize my Gtx 280.
Installed Vista 32bit clean and it worked with the new drivers from the nvidia site, didnt got any problems till ill turned my pc off and wanted to turn it on the next day and my drivers where gone just got uninstalled or something Oo.
Device manager is saying that i have a 280 GTX but the nvidia driver doesnt.
Nvidia setup is saying:
"The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
Cd driver doesnt work either.

Does someone know the problem of this?
Vista has installed a legacy driver for your GTX295. (In Device Manger right click it, select properties, look at the Driver Tab and it'll say the Driver Provider is Microsoft.)

So in Device Manger (close that properties window you were looking at if its still open) right click the GTX295 and select uninstall. Close Device Manger and restart Computer.

After restarting, don't let windows install/ reinstall any drivers for it. (It is nice Vista has Drivers that work for the Desktop and u can have normal resolution. But you cant play games with them of course.)

Now try and install the nVidia Drivers.
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