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Default i don't get it...

so nobody else is really saying it, but i thought id chime in my sure i'll be attacked for it but whatever...

this is what all the fuss is about? really?!! is this supposed to be evidence of nvidias cheating and/or sacrificing image quality?

to tell the truth, after all this hooplah i was conscidering trading in my 5900 for a radeon but after seeing these comparisons im glad i run nvidia cuz to me...well, in this comparison i think the 5900 looks better.

heres what i see:

everyones saying that the lighting looks jacked on the 5900, i assume its cuz the ship in the bg looks darker...but to me it looks more detailed, like it has a more detailed texture with dirt streaks or something...on the radeon it looks washed out to me. also the ground looks darker on the 5900 but not any less detailed, i think that just a subjective thing...the ground looks fine on both cards to my eyes. the grass is another story. looks a lot better on the 5900.

also, if the wheels are sposed to have shadows i assume the lightsource for those shadows is the explosion, right? then how come the wheels are dark on that car in the upper right whose wheels are facing the explosion? on the 5900 all the wheels have much more detail and

keep looking at that car in the upper right. notice the top of the canopy. on the 9800 its blurred out, on the 5900 its crisp, in fact the whole texture on the car is crisper and more detailed.

the debris flying out of the explosion is crisper on the 9800, but looks more photographic on the 5900, almost looks AAd, but its hard to tell if thats from motiong blur or something...anyway, i think it looks fine on both cards.

point is, to me, the nvidia looks better. so if they "cheated" or "optimized" the det50s to get higher framerates, who cares? if this is the end result they can "cheat" all over the place as far as i care as long as it looks good and runs good. and from what i see it looks really good. now, running good?...we'll have to wait til they release them publicly to see...

btw, what game is that screenshot taken from and is it dx9 or 8?
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