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Default Re: Dawn of War people live under a rock???

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
The only thing I don't like right now is how restricting the campaign can be. You only get a certain amount of deployments and can only visit areas when it tells you that you can. Using the same engine and same menus, they could have allowed you to land again and freely explore to capture more comm towers and monuments when not on a mission, and that would have rocked. I often find myself completing an objective before I know what happened and missing the optional goodies, which you can never return for.

Other than that, love the game completely.
You are limited to only capturing one comm tower, monument or industrial building per visit to a map. Notice that, when the generators are deployed to that building, the voice says that you won't be able to deploy any more. You get to visit each map multiple times anyway so this mechanic encourages you to explore different parts of the map on each visit, so you don't explore the whole map at once. I like this game mechanic, as you can also plan what you want to capture depending on which missions are upcoming, for instance, I chose to capture a monument over a comm tower so I would have access to more "invulnerability" on the mission after (forgot the name of the ability). All in all I'm still loving this game and I'm over half way through the single player campaign.

Thanks for posting about the bonus stuff too, got my code, can't wait to get home tomorrow morning and check out my new gear!
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