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Default Re: need help buying sparkle gtx 260

Originally Posted by boredgunner View Post
You can try it out, you usually don't have to meet the real standards. I ran my old crappy system (Pentium 4 @ 3.0 ghz, 3 GB DDR2 533 RAM, 8400GS, requires 300W minimum or so) on a no branded 230W PSU just fine. Tomshardware ran an overclocked i7 setup and a pair of GTX 295's on a COOLER MASTER Real Power Pro 850W PSU.
First of all never EVER trust anything from Second of all while you might be able to get away with a less than sufficient power supply for a little while it still is not recommended for the long run. Problems will eventually arise as you continue to push a PSU past its limits and you risk the potential of taking out your expensive components along with your PSU if it were to ever succumb to its heavy load.
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