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Default Re: need help buying sparkle gtx 260

Originally Posted by paras View Post
thnxs for the link man

ill just see if anything goes wrong with the psu

i dont think by gods grace anything will go wrong

if anything does ill just change the psu
Paras you are pushing it with that PSU and I will tell you why. First of all it is a dual rail design which is a horrible design for a high powered gaming rig. The reason is that one of the 12v rails will be completely wasted on the CPU alone leaving you with a paultry 18amps on the second 12v rail to power your GPU and any other components.

This is pushing it and I can guarentee you if you overclock even the slightest bit you can expect your system to become unstable and start to shut off due to overloading the second 12v rail.

I have personal experience with this using a similar cooler master PSU with dual 18amp 12v rails but this was with an old AMD system paired up with an overclocked X1900XTX, guess what? the PSU wasnt enough even for this setup! after gaming for more than an hour the PSU would overload and shut my system down.

After doing some research I learned that a Single 12V rail PSU is your best bet for a system with high power draw because everything is shared off of the Single 12v rail and nothing is wasted. Once I replaced the PSU with a high powered Single 12V rail my problems went away.

I would advise you to scrape that PSU and get something that you know you can depend on. Building a nice Gaming PC and skimming on the heart of your build with a Cheap PSU never made sense to my anyway.

This is what I recommend, it has 49amps on a single 12v rail and it will not break your bank.
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