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If anyone knows of a workaround to Felix.K's problem, I'd love to hear it-- I seem to be having the exact same issue. I can boot into X and Compiz in Gnome even works fine, but when I log out of X, or hit ctrl+alt+backspace, or hit ctrl+alt+f1, the display goes blank and never recovers. (It actually says it is going into power saving mode, but I don't know if the power saving note is significant-- the monitor gives the same message if I turn on the monitor without plugging the monitor into a video card, so I just associate that message with the screen receiving no input). If I open gnome-terminal and do a "sudo shutdown -r now", instead of just logging out of X, the screen stops reporting output, but the machine successfully reboots, so it looks like the issue is not a kernel panic or anything-- output just stops being sent to the monitor (just as Felix.K says). I don't have this screen-dying problem if I use the non-xen kernel.

I'm running Debian stable (Lenny) with the Xen kernel on AMD 64 (2.6.26-1-xen-amd64). I have a GeForce 8800 GTS, and I'm using NVidia's 180.29 driver. I have some kind of NForce motherboard (I can find out exactly what kind if anyone thinks it's relevant), and an Optiquest Q22wb monitor.

I didn't use the -DNV_SIGNAL_STRUCT_RLIM or -DNV_VMAP_4_PRESENT flags when I installed the NVidia driver (because I installed the driver before reading this thread), but I assume that's not what is causing my problem, since Felix.K has the same problem when using those flags. (What does passing those preprocessor definitions do, by the way?) If anyone thinks the absence of those flags could be the problem, perhaps I should see if adding them make a difference.
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