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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

I voted yes, but totally getting rid of it is definitely the wrong idea.

What needs to be done is for PowerMizer to be tweakable at runtime. I.e., make it stick to level 3, or to level 1. Or set the max level to 2.

And no, I don't want developer's idea of presets that I could set when modprobe-ing, neither nvidia's messing about with acpi, thank you very much.

I want to decide myself whether it should stick to the highest level when on AC power, and downgrade it when I'm AFK for more than 10 minutes. I want to force it to the lowest level when I'm left with 10% laptop battery, but not before. But I might want to never let it go past level 2 when under 50% battery.

You only need to implement this:
$ nvidia-settings -a PowerMizerMinLevel=x
$ nvidia-settings -a PowerMizerMaxLevel=x
If MinLevel == MaxLevel, you're effectively locked into that level. And to top it up:
$ nvidia-settings -a PowerMizerDelay=x # seconds before it switches to lower level

You think sane defaults are good for non-tech-savvy users? Great, but let the rest of us tweak them to our heart's content.

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