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Default Re: I found some interesting info about Aquamark3

Originally posted by Hellbinder
I was looking for another thread to post this in but i could not find one.

Anyway.. I had been trying to Figure out how the 5900U could be so competative with the 9800pro in this "Modern" Benchmark. Then I found this..

That is the actual count of the type and Number of Pixel shaders used in the Benchmark. Which of course ends up making sense why the Two cards peform so Closely together.

Which briungs me to a little Side Question. Doesnt it seem a little odd that Nvidia is not Screeming about this benchmark for the same Reasons they hammered 3dmark03?
that information was posted in b3d.. and I posted it in another thread

however... I don't know if you read the follow up statement saying that even TR : AOD uses close to 14 ps 2.0 shaders in its benchmark... a far larger number than AM3...

I thought that was an interesting point though I cannot independently corroborate this

have to go by the word of the lads @ b3d...

mike has verified the number of dx9 shaders in AM3... and it does appear to be more dx8 than dx9 by all means which goes a long way to explaining why the performance delta between the r3xx and nv3x cards is not so big...
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